We are working hard to get around to requests from our community. Please be patient as work through each request based on the priority of needs. We have had numerous basement collapses and now have several homes that are not habitable. Some still have water in the basements, and many have no heat, so we are working through those first obviously. The rest of the requests we will get too as the volunteers show up to help. The Wood River IOC will close at 8:00 this evening and will open again at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Dumpsters are closed for the day. DO NOT PUT ANY ON THE GROUND!! Once it is full stop filling. It will reopen at 8. Please be respectful to the volunteers that are helping and abide by these few simple rules. Thank you

2:50 You are allowed full water use now. Washing and baths can be done now.
12:45 There are CERT people going door to door asking about damage to houses. They may or may get to your home. You can do your own self assessment on this website. https://report-ne-hall.orioncentral.com/
10:00 a.m. Monday – Road and Street Conditions: Wood River Road west of hwy 11 (1/2 west Cameron) no semis, partial road collapse. Hwy 11 going south to the overpass is still closed. Streets in town: see map below. There are 2 street areas and one section yet.

It is causing basements to collapse! Until water level recedes!

5:30 You can use the toilets!!! YAY! Can use water and short showers. Please no laundry!

4:00 There is a need for shop vacs. There are some pumps available if you need to borrow one. Call the WRFD @ 5832541

All donations go to the high school now. Take to the theatre door entrance.

2:22 For those wanting to help or those needing help with cleanup can call the fire station. We are coordinating relief efforts and will help match up the needs with the help. 308-583-2541 Volunteers must come to the station to sign in before working.

2:00 We are bringing in some large dumpsters into town for residents to use for trash. Do not put anything in the dumpsters that you would not put normally. No paint cans, electronics etc. or cornstalk. Do not fill more than level full. Watch for locations once we get them.

Areas inside the green area are not accessible! Areas outside of the green use caution when driving.

11:15 Note: The water is safe to drink and use (always has been). We are still requesting to keep the use to a minimum to keep the stress off of our city system. It is still not recommended to flush yet unless really necessary. Hopefully later today this will change. Will keep you updated as the day goes on.

9:30 a.m. Sunday Top of the Morning Wood River!! We have a little good news on this sunny day. Roads and streets are starting to open up. Wood River Road is open again. There are still sandbags on the side of the road that you need to be aware of. 130th May be open about mid morning. It is icy under the water that is still standing. Streets from Hwy 30 north to 13th street are still not ready for any traffic. Please just use common sense when trying to reach your homes and be respectful towards others during this stressful times. If you have any specific questions you can call the WRFD at 583-2541 or keep checking back here.

All cleaning supplies, dry goods and other donated items can be brought into the Fire Station and placed on a pallet. Please do not just place on the ground or floor. Food and water will be at the station for volunteers temporarily. Volunteers please park in the pool parking lot or the school parking lot. We are emotionally overwhelmed with people responding to help. Thank you all!!!

Those that are returning sandbags PLEASE PLACE ON A PALLET! They can be left either here at the station or at the school parking lot. We can use more pallets if anyone has some to give. Take them to the school parking lot. Thank you.


10:00 p.m. Wood River Ministerial Association is doing a non-denominal Worship Service at the Mennonite Church (14988 W. Husker Hwy) at 10:00 A.M Sunday morning. It is being held there to save on the already over extended city sewer and water. There will be a lunch afterwards at 11:30. At 12:30 there will be a preliminary meeting to see what can be done to assist with clean up. We are also looking for a few volunteers to bring the lunch from the high school out to the church. All are welcome, but please do not attempt to attend if is unsafe for you to travel. Not all streets are cleared to travel on!!! Many of the WRFD members will be helping Alda during their time of need and will only have resources to help with emergencies. God Bless this community for its support and strength.

8:30 If you are done using your sandbags you can take them to the fire station and leave them on the car trailer parked in front. We would like to take what isn’t used to Alda tomorrow. If you are done with them and don’t have a way to get the here you can put them along the curb and they will be picked up later. Thank you all.

6:43 To give a little comfort to this horrendous tragedy there have been several church groups, individuals and businesses that offered to help with clean up. Many helped with Dannebrog and did a great job. Once we have a clear go ahead on safe streets and people start to come back to town we can give them the go ahead to come help those that need help. Our angels in disguise. We will post here when that will be. Again, thank you for support and patience.

4:40 Some good news! The water is starting to go down!! YAY! This does not mean we want you on the streets. Only in emergencies please. Also be aware the danger is not over. Roads should not be traveled on unless necessary. Right now our disaster has only moved down the road to our Alda neighbors. Be respectful to their needs also. Thank you all for your support and patience. We would like people to hold off returning to their homes until the roads are considered safe.

4:30  Some good news! The water is starting to go down!! YAY! This does not mean we want you on the streets. Only in emergencies please.

2:22  For those that have permission to bring in supplies to the high school please deliver them to the theatre entrance. Also to the residents, if you are in need of any supplies or food, you are welcome to get it from the shelter. They do not have a lot now, but do have some more coming later. Thank you.

1:41 FYI  City water is still safe to drink.

1:13 p.m. Hwy 30 is STILL CLOSED! Please do NOT go around barricades. Water is still rising, we don’t need any extra people in town, Thanks

12:00 p.m. Saturday At this point we are no longer sandbagging as it is past the point of sandbags. Please share as we are receiving calls and could hinder other emergency calls. We know this a difficult time and we are trying our hardest to get information out as soon as it becomes available to us.

11:00 a.m. Saturday Please do not drive into town, we have multiple rescues in progress. IT IS NOT SAFE. SO PLEASE AVOID DRIVING INTO TOWN Road closed signs and firetrucks blocking intersections is for your safety and ours. Thank you.


10:30 p.m.  The crest has still not reached its peak. Please do not drive on any water covered streets. The flooding will cause manhole covers to come off making random holes in the streets.

9:00 p.m. Wood River Road and 130th Rd are now CLOSED. Hwy 30 is still open to GI. Only way into town is from is by Husker Hwy,

6:40 p.m. There is an airboat going down the streets rescuing people that are stranded. We realize it will cause wake but there is no other way to get to people. Many of us are at the station figuring out how to help people that need help when several of their own homes have water. Thank you for your understanding.

4:30  We are evacuating the nursing home and oasis to the shelter. They will be using buses to transport people to the high school. Water is rising fast and encourage all residents to consider evacuating. If you chose to leave, please remember medications. Prepare for 1-2 days stay. Thank you for your cooperation.

3:30 p.m. Sandbags have been moved to the high school parking lot. There are still some available. It is not mandatory, but if you would like to evacuate your location or have other places to retreat too, you may want to consider going to higher grounds. Will keep you informed.

1:00 p.m. The high school is opening up as a shelter. If anyone feels like they are unsafe or in danger they may go to the shelter.

9:45 a.m. – We will start sandbagging! Please check in when you arrive. There will be a FD member wearing an orange helmet. Please avoid driving or parking cars through town. If you need to come to town from the north use Wood River Road and go to 130th. to Hwy 30. Park downtown if possible.  Come in on South side. Highway 30 is closed from Wood River to Kearney. 


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