Wood River Vision 20/20 Business of the Month Spotlight


Fairbanks Irrigation, Inc.

15832 West Wood River Road

Fairbanks Irrigation building business on customer service
Well drilling business started in 1943

Fairbanks Irrigation, Inc., was established in 1943 by Lyle and Mary Fairbanks, of Wood River. The firm began in the Wood River area, drilling wells for local farmers. The first well was drilled on March 6, 1943, using a sand bucket drill rig. That well is currently located on the Dobish Farms property.

Mr. Fairbanks retired in 1973 and his son, Bill Fairbanks, entered the business. Bill hired Marvin Kubert in 1979 to partner and manage the business. Many wells were drilled in the 1960s and 70s according to Marvin, but more and more emphasis is now placed on repair and maintenance.

In July of 2000, Rick Kirschner and Mike Smith purchased Fairbanks Irrigation. Marvin retired in 2008. Rick and Mike continue to operate the business in the same manner that Lyle, Bill and Marvin operated it, with the motto “Service is our specialty.” The firm’s philosophy can be summed up as, “If you provide excellent products that help our customers operate and service those products with knowledgeable employees, your customers will be satisfied!” The firm currently has eight employees.
Fairbanks Irrigation, Inc., provides well drilling for both domestic and agriculture needs. They also provide pumps and control systems for all kinds to operate in those wells. Other areas of service offered includes down-hole camera inspection of well casings for holes and plugging of the screens, well rehabilitation with brushing and acid treatments, trenching water lines and electrical lines for house and stock wells, windmill repair, and solar controlled stock wells. Fairbanks Irrigation also has a large inventory of new and used gear drives and vertical hollow shaft electric motors.

Both Rick and Mike have been active in the Wood River community. Fairbanks Irrigation supports local schools and other businesses and have helped the city at times with equipment needs, etc. Rick was a member of the Wood River Volunteer Fire Department for five years as a firefighter/EMT.

Mike has served on the elementary and high school boards of education, Wood River Community Club and Wood River City Council. Both Rick and Mike believe in and encourage involvement in the community to help grow and improve the Wood River community.

In 2018 Fairbanks Irrigation, Inc. will celebrate 75 years in business. Those 75 years have all been in Wood River and the surrounding area. Fairbanks Irrigation has seen many changes throughout those years and plans on being around to help customers for many more years to come!

Fairbanks Irrigation, Inc., located at 15832 West Wood River Road is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in the winter months and from 7:00 a.m. to sunset in the summer. The business phone number is (308)583-2717.